Women in Aviation International
Mile High Chapter
Denver, CO
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  1. Who can join?
    Membership is open to everyone! Women and men, girls and boys of all ages who are involved in, passionate for, or curious about aviation are encouraged to attend!
  2. What are the dues?
    We understand that there are many organizations that people are apart of. We try to be conscious of the financial constraint this can have on our members. Due to this, we have decided to keep our annual chapter dues low at $10.00. This helps us pay our annual filing fees, our website, and any other expenses the chapter incurs. We focus instead on fundraising through our events which provide opportunities for our members to do fun activities and meet each other! Our fundraising pays any expenses that dues do not cover as well as funding the scholarships we offer as a chapter. Annual dues will be due in October of each year.
  3. What do I get?
    Membership in Women in Aviation International and the Mile High Chapter give you access to the Women in Aviation publications, scholarships, conferences, events, networking, learning opportunities, and much more. Women in Aviation International offers many scholarships on an annual basis and the Mile High Chapter has additional scholarships available only through the chapter to it's active members. To. be an active member, you must be up to date on your dues with both Women in Aviation International and the Mile High Chapter
Become a Member!
  1.      Active MHC Members
    Active MHC Members
  2. Only MHC Dues Paid
  3. Only International Dues Paid
    Only International Dues Paid
Brandi A. 
Erika A. 
Ed B. 
Ronda B.
Anna B.
​Steve B.
Carolyn C.
Megan C. 
Deb C.
​Daneille C.
Brittney D. 
Alyssa D.
Audrey F.

Pamela F.
Anthony G.
Rebecca G. 
Emma H. 
Mary H.
Heather H.
Jeff H.
Gabrielle H.
Alexis H.
Julia H.
Nancy H.
Lauren I.
Becky J.
Hannah J.
Gretchen J.
Larua J.
​Elizabeth J.
​Jennifer K.
Sherry Ann K.
Nadia K. 
Susan L.
Dianne L.
​Kiley L.
Jennifer M.
​Tyler M.
Faye M.
Brianna M.

Samantha M.
​Jessica M.
​Christina M.
​Grace M.
Gina M.
​Kristen N. 
Delaney O.
Steffanie P.
​Annika P.
Claire P.
Samantha P.
Karen P. 
​Tammy R.
​Juliana R. 
Kelly R.
​Patrick R. 
​Anne R.
​Mary R. 
Anna R.
Beverly S.
​Sarah S.
​Stacie S. 
Laura S.
Annabell S.
Mary S.
​Gail S.
​Hannah S.
Trimbi S.
Teresa W. 
KatieRae W.
​Madison W.
Anna Y. 
​Audrey Z.
Stacey B.
Grant D.
Hannah D.
Natalie G.
Traci G.
Ashley H.
Sweta K.
Beverly L.
Karen L.​​​
Helen L.
Robert M.
Audrey M.
​Bridget M.
​Luca M.
Bilha M.
​Andi Sue P.​​
George S.
Frances T.
Angela T.
Danielle T.
Amy U.
Caroline W.
Marcia W.
Kourtney W.
Krista Z.

Herdis A.
Charlene B.
Kristine B. 
Larry B.
Jennifer B.
Hannah B.
Jennifer B.
Nicole B.
Rebekah B.
Angelica C.
Amber C. 
Blanche C.
Brianne C.
Rebecca C.
Cari D.
Robyn D.
Jeannie D.
Sarah D.
Amy D.
Alicia E.
Elizabeth F.
Matt F.
Nathan F.
Florance G.
Laura G.
Holly G.
McKenzie G.
Ray G.
Lisa G.
Holly H. 
Kayla H.
Penny H.
Eve H.
Kali H.
Meagan H.
Melinda H.
Kolton H.
Chelsey H.
Kelsey H.
Shayna H.
Marisa H.
Katherine I.
Stephanie J.
Jennifer J.
Dustin K.
Reid K. 
Anne K. 
Molly L. 
Scott L.
Christina L.
Ashley L.
Thomas L.
Kristen L.
Robert L.
Lisa M.
Lindsey M. 
Sonia M. 
Andrea M.
Theresa M.
Emily N.
Brooke O.
Erin P.
Sy P. 
Pamela P.
Alison P.
Jamie R. 
Gretchen R.
Michelle R.
Jason S.
Katarina S.
Mark S.
Katerina S.
Madison S.
Sarah S. 
Lauren U.
Mark V.
Gina V.
Grace W.
Kristine W.
Judy W.
Nicole W.
Candace W.
Brooke W. 
Jolanda W. 
*If your name does not appear on the "Active MHC Members Roster," either your membership is not currently paid or our records have not been updated. If you believe the information to be a mistake, please use the form on the ​​​ CONTACT  page to submit us your questions and we will respond promptly.