Chapter Milestones & Accomplishments




  1. Audrey Fishback
    Audrey recently was hired by Southwest Airlines. She will be flying the B737 Aircraft. She's excited to be a part of the LUV family.
  2. Alexis Quintana
    Alexis just received her dispatchers license from a scholarship she won through our WAI Chapter. She hopes to get a job as a dispatcher in the near future.
  3. Zia Safko
    Zia was recently hired by her dream company United Airlines. Zia has wanted to fly for United Airlines since she was 5. She has not been assigned a specific aircraft yet but is excited to be following her dream.
  4. Amy Upton
    Amy recently completed her Commercial Multi Engine License! Congrats Amy and keep up the hard work!
  5. Elizabeth Jones
    Elizabeth recently was hired by Delta Airlines. She will be flying the B717 Aircraft and will be based out of LAX.
  6. Juliana Ravdal
    Juliana completed her Instrument rating!